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Awakening:Nigeria and the Failing State dilemma

The motive behind Boko Haram and indeed all forms of civil unrest in Nigeria.

at the core is the failed state dilemma.

When do we declare “Nigeria is at war?”
The moment this declaration comes to force, the government has publicly admitted to a collapse in government.

[…] the Nigerian state, contrary to the media hype,
is regarded as the enemy, not just by Boko Haram,
but by several Nigerians and groups, each attacking
it with as much ferocity as Boko Haram’s bombs,
using whatever means they have at their disposal:
politicians entrusted to protect our common
patrimony steal the country blind, law enforcement
officers see or hear no evil at a slight inducement,
government workers drag their feet and refuse to
give their best while reveling in moonlighting,
organized labour, inducing university lecturers in
public institutions go on indefinite strikes on a whim
while journalists accept ‘brown envelops’ to turn
truth on its head or become uncritical champions of
a selected anti-Nigerian state identity. What all
these groups have in common with Boko Haram is
that they believe that the premise on which they act
is justifiable and that the Nigerian state is unfair to
them, if not an outright enemy (cited in Uzodike and
Maiangwa, op.cit. p. 98).

“Let’s create a Spring, of unrest and dissatisfaction, or let us spring up all from different points, erratically, till we create ripples that tupple the ruling government of the day”

Nigeria needs to be a failing state and like George Orwell holds in 1984, there is a need to keep the people in a constant state of war. The war never ends and even though the common man does not know or see the war, his mind is constantly in a state of war frenzy, sufficient for such mob rage to be channeled into meaningless riots and erratic “uprising”. This is the kind of mind control required for the failed state? The failed Nigerian state.

Based on: Peace and conflict review ( and

George Orwell’s 1984.

Next time I will try my best to piece other puzzles in the “Nigeria and the failed state dilemma”.


My name is Jonathan Oladeji, a growing christian and a Nigerian. I believe in the ability of creative writers to influence the culture of the mind. Inspiration for people who are hungry for knowledge, increased contribution to the acceptance of the creativity and power within us.

4 thoughts on “Awakening:Nigeria and the Failing State dilemma

  1. Umm…indeed…..we are all responsible for the challenges of the Nation……Lord help me to Play my role in the Country with due dilligent!….thanks Dami


    1. Hmmm…..what a factual write up of Nigerian situation. After a one leaders training in Ghana by the ministry we represent in,when we are thinking of where to host Africa International conference in West Africa ,by all indices, it should be the turn of Nigeria to hold the conference but l held my peace because of the situation of Nigeria.

      The failure of Christian Organisations in Nigeria to operate true love of Christ in their ministrations, played a dominant role in making Nigeria to be in this situation which is in line of the caption “My daddy is a liar”

      We must all wake up


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