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#BookReview: Toke Makinwa’s “On Becoming” May be Overrated.


Caveat Emptor: this opinion of all the baby mamas in the entertainment industry, their rivals in the ministry, the estranged father and we association of gullible sympathizers and gossip mongers, is simply the authors views and readers are solely responsible for whatever they make of it.

I went through the hassle of downloading “Okada Books” again, that app really needs more work. If ever I host my book on Okada books and you all do not buy, then you spit on the essence of creative writing itself. I checked the Price for Toke Makinwa’s Book and it was a whole #1950 and y’all bought that? Weh don Sah! I salute Nigerians for supporting writers and reading this memoir of a woman who actually confesses to her own self-destruct. I am not disparaging her sincerity, towards the end I felt this would have been a good read for Tiwa Savage and Teebliz.

Aside from the Spanish or is it Latin that was used on the last page to describe the author, I think Tiwa would find the piece relatable. I have never given a redo to any past relationship and I have sworn never to do that ever, reading  Toke’s confession has reinforced my resolve. It is a confession because she could have filled it up with motivational quotes and added a lot more of embellishment (she did this a bit), like those dramatic description of when she was hurt by Maje, how her head almost crashed into a wall. I think she later noticed she was doing a lot more of fiction at some point and reverted to doing her confession. It was a beautiful read after those few bumps, the story takes the reader through the back streets of Abuja, Lagos, the US…..

I think the story draws on the reader’s sympathy quite much, starting with a family disaster where almost half of her family dies. It was not too clear why she chose a rough path while her other siblings seemed to quickly come to grips with the death of their parents. In a way one would be tempted to lose sight of details while nailing the blame on Maje but I think Toke set out to avoid laying all the blame on her ex-husband.

If we compare her story with how Teebliz and Tiwa Savage’s marriage played out, I would suggest that  one should not take Toke Makinwa too serious in the moment, we need to wait for the dust to settle and see if she won’t throw us another curve ball. Yes I almost fell in love with her too, especially at the point where she starts to pull herself together. Yet, I still maintain that she had every chance to do good by herself early enough. I almost said thank God for her that they don’t have a child together, who knows if that is what has dragged Tiwa and her husband back together. One of the silent lessons in “on becoming” is that there is no way to rationalise remarrying a man who dragged your family, your mother, into the mud.

There is no way to rationalise loving a man who allows baby mama to have a bragging right, who fosters the consistent drama of littered ghosts of girlfriends past. Yet it is going to be another “Becoming” best seller and you all are going to spray your cash on the altar of Okada books, except me….don’t ask me how I got to know all these details.


My name is Jonathan Oladeji, a growing christian and a Nigerian. I believe in the ability of creative writers to influence the culture of the mind. Inspiration for people who are hungry for knowledge, increased contribution to the acceptance of the creativity and power within us.

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