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My Blog Moved

 Blog moved

Hello friends, I know it has been quite a while. This space has been reallyyyyy quiet, I didn’t disappear or something. 

It’s just been one phase to another and I have not had the chance to tell you about my new address, I just felt it was time to have a self-hosted blog and I think I deserve it. 

After being here since 2010, it seemed just appropriate to do a better job of being a resourceful friend, writer and teacher to as many as have followed and learnt from here. 

My blog is now at kindly visit and follow me there. 


My name is Jonathan Oladeji, a growing christian and a Nigerian. I believe in the ability of creative writers to influence the culture of the mind. Inspiration for people who are hungry for knowledge, increased contribution to the acceptance of the creativity and power within us.

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