This blog started out as a personal journal in 2010, Jonathan Oladeji started out with few personal thoughts, progressed into writing poems and inspired notes. Later the need to focus integrated “Creativewriterz” with the theme “Attitude Writerz”. The aim was to build a platform for providing resources that would help young internet users in Nigeria to learn great ways to build the right attitude to life and defining life goals.


2016 is here and the look has changed, the focus is becoming clearer. We are here to advocate content and knowledge management as measures for improving performance of Secondary/Tertiary School undergraduates, Teaching staff and Organizational training programs in Nigeria.


Imagine a prospective school proprietor who wants to hire his staff but is not sure how good the quality of notes, test questions and examination quizzes would be. What if there are content banks and schools are encouraged to update the quality of notes and instructional materials on these banks.

  1. We would rule out the possibility of teachers failing in their duties because they do not have content to begin teaching immediately,
  2. We saved a lot of time that would have been spent writing notes from scratch that could have been retrieved for use at any time, any where.
  3. Now apply this same principle to your business training and recruitment needs. If you could supply all the training content needed to new recruits, and consistently manage content within your training programs, there would be more efficient execution of continuous learning within your organization.

Here is What we offer:

  • E-Content coaching.
  • Content and knowledge management for Teachers and Trainers.
  • Tips to overcome your writing fears.
  • We can write for you.
  • Student academic coaching.

Fill the form below and start your journey to building an efficient content strategy in just 5 minutes.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Bro.! That’s a good one there! Keep it up! I also have the dream of developing something of this nature. Hope to share some of my thoughts, ideas and writings with u!


    1. Thanks,just keep me posted and keep writing. I would love to have your contributions and suggestions. That would help me know what readers like yourself and me want to see on this blog. Thanks
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